New Jersey Cops Attacked By 2 Criminals on Thanksgiving

2 Brooklyn men charged on Thanksgiving DayThis episode took place at Target stores on 27th November, when New Jersey police officers were appointed at Target in order to support the existing security personnel in checking customer receipts while they were departing from the store. Occasions like Thanksgiving witnesses a heavier crowd than usual days; therefore, to keep up with the security, the cops were prearranged.

Patrick Perroud, 25, a Brooklyn inhabitant, knocked down a cop in an attempt to escape getting caught with the purchases he had made using deceptive credit cards. Few moments later, his partner, Quari Padia, 25, was also caught by the police while he was scrapping 8 credit cards.

Both the criminals were held liable for the following charges:

  • Robbery,
  • Deceptive utilization of credit cards,
  • Denying arrest,
  • Hitting a police officer,
  • Impeding the entire course.

According to the police’s statement, there were 18 proceeds in Perroud’s bag except for the iPad. The criminals purchased 26 gift cards worth $500 each with a different credit card. When the police asked Perroud to cross check the purchases against the entries made by the store, he ran swiftly towards the door while punching down the security guards. When the police officers tracked him, Perroud punched them in the chest too.

Perroud made his way to the parking lot, where he threw the credit cards and got arrested by the cops. The police told that Perroud was in possession of 9 fraudulent credit cards. Padia, who was wearing a black coat with a low hat, was also caught by the police officers while he was running away.

Perroud came before the Central Judicial Processing court, located in New Jersey on Monday, through a video call from the Hudson County Jail in Kearney. The honorable judge, Margaret Marley announced a bail totaling $40,000 cash/bond. Padia’s appearance before the judge is awaited.