Simple Assault

If you have been charged with the offense of simple assault, there are a variety of circumstances under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1 that could have caused you to be arrested. There cannot have been any serious or significant injury, however, or your assault charge will be deemed “aggravated” resulting in an indictable felony offense. A similar enhancement of this charge occurs where it is an assault on a police officer.  Assuming neither of these circumstances are the case, the offense will be heard in the municipal court of the town in which you were arrested. You face having a criminal record, up to six (6) in jail, and other significant penalties if your are found guilty. The attorneys at our firm handle simple assault charges in every county of NJ and very well may be the largest criminal firm in the state. With multiple former prosecutors and over a century of experience, we are the skill set to effectively tackle any assault. Take the step of protecting yourself by calling us for a free consultation.

New Jersey Defense Attorney for Simple Assault Charges

As stated, the NJ Law that provides the basis for this charge is N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1. There are basically three (3) ways in which this offense can be triggered. First, you could have attempted or caused minor injury to someone. The second way is by wielding, swinging or otherwise acting out of with an object that causes injury. The item must be deemed, however, a deadly weapon under NJ Law, meaning that it is capable of causing serious injury. The third and final way simple assault can arise is if you act out in a manner intended to menace another so they fear immediate injury (i.e. “imminent”).  You need to remember, however, that if any of these circumstances exist (i.e. there is basis for a simple assault) and the victim is a police officer, correction officer, or other public official, the charge is enhanced to either a third or fourth degree crime of aggravated assault. Our skilled New Jersey Simple Assault Attorneys are highly experienced in defending all varieties of this charge and know the best avenues for beating a conviction. In fact, they are able to avert a conviction for simple assault in most cases and there is every reason to believe they we will accomplish the same result for you. We possess a similar history of success with common companion charges to this one like resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Penalties for Simple Assault in NJ Can Be Severe So Call Our Lawyers

Simple assault can result in penalties that can cause significant issues in your life. For one, they will result in a criminal record that could impede your ability to get a job as anyone evaluating employment of you will see that you committed an assault once they perform a criminal background check. The second thing that can result is fines and other financial consequences that may be difficult for you to absorb. The other thing that can happen is that you can be placed on probation for an extended period, required to perform considerable community service and even serve time at the county jail. Simple assault clearly is no joke and something that you should be taking seriously, especially knowing that many of these consequences probably don’t have to happen. Indeed, the lawyers at our firm avoid conviction for this criminal offense in a large majority of cases. So give us a call and take advantage of this opportunity – – the consultation is free of charge.